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Isabella Chydenius and Gord Bond
to Aug 31

Isabella Chydenius and Gord Bond

  • 2000 N Main Street Golden State Fwy, Lincoln Heights, CA 90031 United States (map)
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The Crowd

“The Crowd” is a collaborative piece between painter Gord Bond (Canada) and interdisciplinary artist Isabella Chydenius (Finland), currently in residence at ESXLA. The piece is a series of drawings on the removed pages of a recycled art book. The drawings by each artist are reactions to each other’s work in the style the old surrealist drawing practice exquisite corpse. The piece captures both real and imagined characters as observed in the Lincoln Heights community. Our aim is to place these characters back into the streets of this community and creating an exterior gallery, by means of wheat pasting the images.

Image credit: Isabella Chydenius

Instagram: @the_crowd_in_downtownLA



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