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3307 W Washington Blvd
to Aug 31

3307 W Washington Blvd

  • 3307 West Washington Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90018 United States (map)
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Katz's Deli Residency: Bed & Breakfast


August 27, 12-5pm: Closing event, the Katz's Deli Brunch (a public conversation and meal)

Bed & Breakfast (Jacqueline Falcone and Daniel Arismendys Taveras Hernandez) is the current resident at Katz's Deli, a critical salon and experimental exhibition platform hosted by Amanda Katz at 3307 W Washington Blvd. Exploring connections between art and hospitality, Bed & Breakfast has been organizing exhibitions and public programs within its founders’ bedroom for the past 5 years. For this residency, B&B has constructed a bedroom within the 3307 space and curated an exhibition with works from its permanent collection. The exhibition will be activated through spontaneous public programming (sleepovers, pancake breakfasts, etc.) announced via social media throughout the month of August. The residency culminates in the Katz's Deli Brunch to discuss the aesthetics and politics of hosting as an embodied exhibition practice.

Photo: Bridget Batch

Instagram: @amkatz



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