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Yasmine Diaz: Exit Strategies
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Yasmine Diaz: Exit Strategies

This is the closing event for Exit Strategies, an immersive installation by Yasmine Diaz. Diaz recreates elements of her teenage basement bedroom in Chicago—a place of refuge and privacy during a time when she struggled with the expectations of her religiously and socially conservative Yemeni-Muslim family, as well as the everyday melodramas of a typical teenager. As she was studying for SATs and writing college application essays, an arranged marriage loomed in the background, overshadowing her future plans. It became increasingly clear that speaking up about her disconnection with Islam and desire for independence was not an option. It was in the basement that she found herself strategizing for solutions — for ways to sneak out of the house and eventually, as part of a plan to leave her family, changing her name and identity for her own protection. 

By sharing her own story, Diaz highlights the necessity for dialogue amongst women of marginalized communities who have been discouraged from speaking out against patriarchal oppression. They are accused of inciting racist backlash if they seek to challenge the misogyny in their own communities, which often results in their stories being silenced. 

Image Credit: Danielle Spires "Exit Strategies installation view"

The Women’s Center for Creative Work is located on the left side of the cul de sac at the end of Glover Place. Turn off Riverside Dr. and come all the way down to the end of the street, through the gate, to a parking lot flanked by warehouses. We are located in the house-like building with a garden. Please drive slowly when coming through the neighborhood. 

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Parking is very limited – please consider carpooling, using Uber/Lyft, riding your bike (we have direct access from the LA River bike path), or taking public transportation. 

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WCCW has a 36” wide ramp at our front entrance and a wheelchair accessible restroom. We provide scent free soaps in our washrooms, and encourage guests to consider attending our events scent free. Please don’t hesitate to email with any accessibility questions or needs, it is our practice to do everything we can to create a safe and accessible space.

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U R WHAT UR WAITING FOR - Allen Tombello
to Aug 31

U R WHAT UR WAITING FOR - Allen Tombello

  • Sunset & Elsinore Echo Park 90026 (map)
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The #Illuminatistreeartproject uses the hills along the spine of Sunset Blvd. to create text with reflective tape- much like an illuminated manuscript. The texts play off the news cycle as well as issues relevant to the neighborhoods they temporarily exist in.

Photo Credit: Allen Tombello "this land is your land"

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