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Alexis Alicette Bolter: Surrogate
1:00 PM13:00

Alexis Alicette Bolter: Surrogate

Surrogate is a curated afternoon of video, performance, and readings that explore replacements for the physical body. The complexities of our current situation politically, technologically, and metaphysically are reshaping the relationships between our bodies and alternative modes of representation. This shift is simultaneously reinforcing the materiality of the body through it’s absence while liberating the necessity for our physical being. This project allows each artist to investigate the idea of the surrogate through their practice as we come together to witness and hold space. More details can be found at

Pieter is accessible via the Metro Gold Line off the Lincoln Heights/Cypress Park stop. 

Entrance to studio is on the curved street corner next to the bench.

Photo Credit: Alexis Alicette Bolter In Place of My Flesh (I)


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