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Randi Matushevitz "Female Experiences: Lunch and Conversation"

  • 3226 Federal Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90066 United States (map)

Participants will engage in a dialogue about changing equality for women artists sharing past and current challenges and experiences in expressing and showing their artistic perspective as an artist in the larger art paradigm. Looking for connection across generations 10-12 artists between the ages of 20-75, will be invited.  The impetus of the gathering is to bring together women artists between 20-75 to create a dialogue about similarities and differences in striving for success as a female in the changing art world.  These artists were selected because of the variety of ideas they bring to their work and this project. Conversations will be moderated and prompted by myself.  Current Participants are: Randi Matushevitz, Melinda Smith Althsuler, Kathi Flood, Doni Silver Simons , awaiting acceptance from others invited.  

Sunday August 5, 12pm Open studio of Randi Matushevitz. Concurrently,  Female Experiences, a gathering of female artists from Los Angeles to discuss ideas of engagement, connectivity in a transitional society.  Open for studio visits. 

Street Parking Available

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  • Image Credit: Randi Matushevitz "Bad Habits"