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Adrienne Adar and Cara Levine "Tidal"

  • Santa Monica Beach in between lifeguard towers 2 and 4 and directly in front of the Annenberg Beach House Santa Monica, CA, 90401 United States (map)

Venue notes: TIDAL will be occurring directly behind the Annenberg Beach House at the water's edge between Lifeguard Towers 2 and 4. Public parking is available at Parking Lot 9 North and at the Annenberg Beach house. Cross the bike path and take the walkway directly towards the water, you will see signs for TIDAL, and we will be out there building. We will be there from 10am on. Exact location:

Adar's work uses humor and kinetics to draw our attention to how we manipulate, play with, and battle our environments.  Levine returns to themes of human perception, fallibility, and our relationship to place and access.   

Both invested in drawing on our irrevocable human to earth relationship, Adar and Levine, plan to highlight both beauty and failure in their natural home turf, through an all-day construction of an elaborate, collaborative, sand structure, only to see it disappear before theirs come high tide.   

While the construction is paired with labor, dialogue, and shared action, the disappearance will be witnessed with joy and a sense of accomplishment.  There is no reason to suffer the loss of what we make, as this ritual is here to highlight the grace in its ephemerality.   

Please join us at low tide, to toil, dig deep and build big.  Stay as the water rolls in and softens all our efforts.   

Please bring a digging object.  This is open for your interpretation, be it a spoon, a shell, jello mold, or shovel, etc.  Also remember sunscreen, water, and maybe a towel/blanket.  Come for 10 minutes or stay the whole day!

This venue is at the waters edge on the Santa Monica Beach.  Park near or in the lot associated with the Annenberg Beach House and walk straight to the water from there.  We will be set up near Lifeguard Tower # 2.