Maiden LA is an inclusive and expansive county-wide survey of art happenings that in encouraging the use of alternative spaces, considers the city as a platform for generative discourse and exchange. Maiden LA is an egalitarian program aiming to dissolve hierarchies by including artists, collectives, curators, galleries, museums, et cetera. Maiden LA‘s relevance is amplified in today’s political climate, as our ethos is one that eschews corporate backing and is accessible to artists who find it difficult to navigate the art world’s various social and fiscal constructs.

Both a playful anagram and homophone of the Hammer Museum’s ‘Made in LA’ (a biennial featuring emerging or underrepresented LA artists), Maiden LA’s focus is not exclusive to the Hammer’s curatorial efforts, but a way to consider and broaden how a city’s artistic landscape is defined.  By being 100% inclusive and giving participating artists total autonomy, Maiden LA provides a rare forum where an unrepresented artist working out of their garage is on the same plane as an established institution.

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Maiden LA is co-organized by Salomeh Grace and Molly Schulman.

The next Maiden LA Open Call will be open for submissions in April 2018.



HyperAllergic Matt Stromberg July 31, 2017

Art and Cake Genie Davis August 10, 2017

AEQAI Annabel Osberg October 8th, 2016

Citinerary Jonathan Velardi August 24, 2016

Jewish Art Salon August 17, 2016

Hyperallergic Matt Stromberg August 16, 2016

LA Times Carolina Miranda August 11, 2016

Venison Nazish Chunara August 10, 2016

LA Times Carolina Miranda August 4, 2016

LAist Christine N. Ziemba August 1, 2016